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Useful info for first-time visitors to London

London is the perfect holiday destination with millions visiting the city every year. Among them, there are many first-time visitors, most of whom are mesmerised with the sheer number of attractions to explore in the British capital. In fact, there is so much to see and do that it is essential to have a well- planned itinerary, so to make the most of spending a holiday in London.



Those looking for a nice central location to stay will find the accommodation in Paddington London ideal for their needs.  


For couples visiting the city, keep an eye out for any of the special romantic package hotels in London as part of any of the special offers available.


Most of the premium hotels near Paddington Station in London offer deals and special discounts, which are a great way to save on hotel costs. 


A few useful tips about the city’s top attractions include:


Buckingham Palace: If you are in London in summer and plan to visit Buckingham Palace, it is best to book in advance. With a large number of visitors flocking to see the official residence of the Queen, rather than be disappointed upon arrival, it is best to get online mad get your tickets well before your trip. Since it is extremely popular tickets sell out really fast, so make sure you get yours well before time.


Need permission to visit the Houses of Parliament: To be able to visit the Houses of Parliament, you will need prior permission and have a local UK resident make the booking. For this, they will need to get in touch with their local MP. Non-UK visitors to the Houses of Parliament need to have a local resident accompany them during the tour of parliament.


Get discounted tickets for a West End show: If you are looking for the best of entertainment in the city, pop over to the West End. For discounted tickets, head over to the tickets booth at Leicester Square, at 10 in the morning on the same day. Another alternative if you know the venue and the event visit the theatre directly on the day you plan to attend and look for last-minute tickets for the performance in the evening.


Get the best deals at Borough Market: London is home to numerous markets with Borough Market probably the most popular street food market in the city. It can get hectic especially in the mornings at the weekend. Those planning a visit would do well to visit before 10 am on weekdays and preferably skip the weekends. Those looking for the best bargains would find visiting before 4 pm when the market shuts down the ideal time to snag the best deals. Since it is closing time the vendors offer the best deals for the items remaining before they close shop for the day. From fresh produce to sweet treats, there are plenty of delicacies found at the market. Just keep in mind they only accept cash as the mode of payment.

Planning a trip to London

Nothing quite compares to spending a holiday in London despite the hustle and bustle of the British capital. The city sprawls across 1,500 sq.km making it one of the largest cities in Europe and exploring it can as challenging as it is fun. Whether you are dropping in for the first time or a regular visitor, there are certain things that you can do to make the trip a smooth experience.



For starters selecting accommodation in the city centre would be a great choice, with the hotels near the Barbican Centre an excellent choice. If travelling in the off-season keep a watch for any of the attractive London hotel packages, which are a great way to trim expenses on accommodation.  


Opt for a contactless or Oyster travel card: One of the best ways to economise on travel expenses is to choose between a contactless or Oyster travel card. Spending money on tickets when you need to travel in the city will be far costlier in comparison to using a travel card. Those in the city for a longer duration could opt for weekly or monthly cards. The price is subject to the travel zones you need to go to, with zones 1 & 2 the cheapest. If you need to travel beyond zone 2 in any of the zones 3-6, it will cost you more. Since most of the major tourist hotspots are in zones 1 & 2 opting to stay in either of these zones will be a prudent choice.


Confirm the weather conditions: London weather is gloriously unpredictable so make it a point to check the weather forecast for the day before you head outdoors. There always is the possibility of a freakish downpour, with sunshine one hour and chilly and damp the next. So dress accordingly and always keep an umbrella handy.


Travel hours: If you want to beat the rush try to avoid travel during the peak hours in the morning and evenings, when Londoners are rushing to and back from work. During the morning hour 8-9:30 am and in the evenings the period between 17:30 to 19:00 hours is peak travel time. If you want to enjoy a comfortable journey and not get stuck in traffic congestion, avoid travel during these times.


Get a bike: when the weather is pleasant and sunny with little or no likelihood of rain, opting for a Boris Bike would be a great choice. Along with getting some much-needed exercise, you will be able to beat the traffic and also get to your destination quickly. It also offers a wonderful opportunity to see more of the city while you pedal along leisurely.

Arrival in the city: For those travelling from overseas, look for flights that deplane at any of the inner city airports, which will make travel to your hotel a much more convenient experience. The airports that are well connected to the city centre include Heathrow Airport, Luton, London City airport and Stansted airport.

The best late summer activities in London

Most of us tend to treat the end of August as the end of summer, but the reality is that the season continues into September and the weather can often be better then too. Of course, the real attraction for many people about September is that the school holidays are over, so prices start to drop and all the big attractions are less full of rioting children and stressed-out parents. September is starting to sound better and better, isn’t it?



So, if you’ve started looking at London hotel offers already, here are some of the best activities you can get up to in late summer: 


Outdoor cinema


Late spring and the main summer months might be traditionally the most common times for watching a film outdoors, but late summer has one major advantage over them. That is that while the evenings and nights are generally starting to cool down by this time of year, it’s also starting to get darker earlier, which is definitely a bonus when trying to watch a big screen outdoors. The Luna Cinema is one of the outdoor cinema companies that continues to operate into September, so wrap up warm and go and enjoy!


The Last Night of the Proms


Even if you’re not a classical music buff, you know about the Last Night of the Proms, that one evening when anyone could show up and have a great time listening to it and waving their Union Jack flags. Best of all, there’s BBC Proms in the Park, where Hyde Park welcomes huge crowds of people who definitely don’t normally listen to classical music but are there for the Britishness of it all, plus the fireworks. 


See where the Queen lives


Tours of the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace are only open during the summer months and come to an end in September, which means that it’s the last chance for a long time to see the incredible opulence and beauty of the State Rooms, including paintings by the likes of Rembrandt, Rubens and Canaletto with equally impressive sculptures and porcelain. You can’t do it for the rest of the year, so don’t miss out on this chance.


Enjoy the festivals


Along with all these special events, late summer in London also offers all of the wonderful activities you could have been doing for the rest of the summer, especially if the weather stays warm and sunny. 


There’s the Royal Parks to explore, museums and art galleries to visit, West End shows to see, Michelin-starred restaurants to dine at and London’s 5 star hotels to return to at the end of a busy day.


The major tourist rush might be over, but London is never exactly a sleepy town. That means there is plenty still going on as summer winds down. September sees major events like London Fashion Week, the London Design Festival and the Totally Thames festival which celebrates the history and culture of the most famous city in the country. There’s also Open House London, which invites you to step inside some of the most incredible and usually private homes in the capital.

How to take part in Swim Serpentine 2019

Visiting London offers up lots of opportunities, but one that doesn’t come up very often is the chance to go open swimming in the famous Serpentine lake in Hyde Park.


That’s what Swim Serpentine is all about; it’s a swimming event that began in 2016 offering thousands of people the chance to emulate the triathlon and marathon swimming contestants at the London 2012 Olympics, who got to swim the Serpentine.


Here’s everything you need to know about Swim Serpentine, whether you’re thinking of entering or spectating:


The Serpentine


Hyde Park’s famous lake – located nearby many 4 star hotels in London -

was created in 1730 when Queen Caroline, wife of George II decided to redevelop the park, ordering that the River Westbourne be dammed to create an artificial lake. It was one of the first of its kind to be designed to look natural in shape and became an iconic part of Hyde Park. The construction of the Serpentine Bridge in the 1820s split the lake in two and technically only the eastern part is called the Serpentine, with the western part called the Long Water.


Swimming in the Serpentine


Swim Serpentine may have only existed since 2016 but competitive swimming in the Serpentine dates back much further. In 1864 a 100 yard swimming race took place at 9am on Christmas morning and that began an annual tradition that gained even more significance in 1904 when local resident and Peter Pan creator J.M. Barrie gave the winner of the race the Peter Pan Cup.


It’s still awarded today though the race is only open to members of the Serpentine Swimming Club. Lansbury’s Lido opened in 1930 to offer the chance to swim in the Serpentine, which is only usually open during the summer.


How to enter Swim Serpentine


Swim Serpentine takes place in September and involves a number of events, including:


- Half-Mile Swim: For open swimming beginners, this is all about taking part and having fun rather than being overly competitive.


- One-Mile Swim: Following the course of the open swimming events at the Olympics, this is the most popular event and can take between 20 minutes to an hour.


- Two-Mile Swim: Definitely for more experienced open swimmers, to take part in this event you need to have completed a one-mile swim previously.


Of course, You’ll also need to find somewhere to stay, and being as close to Hyde Park as possible makes sense given the crowds of people who will be taking part and the need to have a plush hotel room nearby to retreat to after the race so you can warm up. The Grand Royal London Hyde Park offers a convenient location with all the luxuries and comfort you’ll need to rest your aching bones.


Entry is available online and once you’ve entered you’ll be assigned a ‘wave’ to show what time you’ll be setting off and this wave comes with a coloured swim hat to wear. You need to take a wetsuit or use a tow-float for safety reasons.

Top Tips for Moving to London

London is one of the busiest cities in Europe. It is the land of opportunities and the economic hub of the United Kingdom. You might find yourself with a job offer to the big city, leaving you with the challenge of getting out of your comfort zone and into a new world.



Unlike many other places in Britain, London is a multicultural hub made up of people from different parts of the globe. It is home to some of the best of everything - from high-end shopping in Oxford Street to exclusive mansions in Kensington. It is for these reasons that most celebs who live in London choose to call this place home. While most of us might not be able to afford a high-street address, we can give you some tips on what it takes to move to the city.


Do Your Research

This might sound like a no brainer, but you will be surprised by how many people skimp out on research. This is one of the most important steps when moving to any country or city. Getting to know the laws and the way of life will help you stay out of trouble and you will make a more informed decision about your move. A top tip is to visit the place you plan on staying in before your move.


Hotels like the Park Grand Hotel Hyde Park often have regular specials, and the friendly staff are happy to provide you with valuable information.


Prepare for the weather

London is known to have cold and wet weather for most parts of the year. Make sure to pack enough warm clothes even if you are travelling in the summer. The summer weather may be warm during the day but, evening temperatures can be on the cold side. Summer runs from June to September with the hottest month being July at an average of 19°C. Winter is from December to February with an average of 5°C in January. The wettest month of the year is October.


Stay Vigilant

More people in a city also comes with higher chances of being caught in sticky situations. Staying vigilant is one of the most important factors that one needs to keep in mind when moving to London. Many people will try to scam you into shady deals, from dodgy landlords to the man on the street that you asked for directions. Keep your belongings safe and don’t accept unsolicited help from strangers.


Be Budget Conscious

While some people travelling to London for work might not need to worry about where to rent a home, as companies will set you up at one of the corporate hotels London, but for others, the search for budget-friendly accommodation continues. London is an expensive city and the cost of living is high. While it may be tempting to get an apartment in the heart of the city, keeping an eye out for apartments slightly out of the city centre could save you a couple of pounds.


Shows Not to Miss in West London This Autumn

London has always been a hotspot for entertainment, not least the West of the city. With the West End having established itself as one of the best spots in the city for show-stopping theatre and musicals, it’s no wonder that hotels such as the Park Grand London Kensington have amazing weekend room deals and discounts available on some of the best shows in the city. 



Whether you’re on the lookout for a family-friendly evening out on your holiday or you’re on a business trip searching for some late-night entertainment, London’s West End and Western boroughs are definitely the place to be.


Here are some hot tips for great shows and theatre spaces, covering a range of mediums and tastes. 


The Woman in Black at the Fortune Theatre


A chilling West End Classic, the adaptation of the Woman in Black will give you heady doses of gripping drama and terrifying scares. Not for the faint of heart, The Woman in Black is for guests to the city who want to be both shaken and stirred by the shows they see.


Death of a Salesman at the Piccadilly Theatre


Returning to London after its sell-out run earlier this year at the Young Vic Theatre, the award-winning adaptation of Arthur Miller’s play stars Wendell Pierce and Sharon D Clarke in an epic drama about lies, ambition and memory. Offering up one of the most engrossing renditions of the Pulitzer winning play, this is the perfect night out for the London visiting drama lover. 


If you’re staying at a centrally located hotel like the Piccadilly Hotel London, you’re just a stone’s throw away from the action.


Max and Ivan: Commitment at the Soho Theatre


Great for after-work frivolity, veteran sketch comedians Max and Ivan return to their spiritual home at the Soho Theatre this October the 14th to 19th with a new show about a Groom to be and his Best Man having a riotously chaotic weekend. This two-man show has the comedy geniuses play countless characters in an award-winning sketch show directed by another comedy gem, Kieran Hodgson.


Lungs at the Old Vic Theatre


Returning to the Old Vic theatre this October 14th to 9th October is Lungs, Duncan Macmillan’s thought-provoking play first staged in 2011. This two-hander is a must for any lovers of contemporary theatre who are looking for something a little different during their visit to London, asking tricky questions about child-rearing in the modern-day, and whether it’s the right thing to do in the current environmental and economic climate.


Gin House Burlesque


From thought-provoking drama to tantalising spectacle, the Gin House Burlesque return this Halloween with an especially spooky show on the 25th of October. With snake-handling seductiveness and top-secret speakeasy vibes, the Kings Head Members Club hosts this amazing burlesque show that’s perfect for the adventurous late-night revellers visiting the city. Whether you’re celebrating with work colleagues on a night out in London or simply settling into the Halloween mood, then the Gin House Burlesque is the perfect show for you.

Ultimate Guide to a Relaxing Weekend in Paddington

Stress has just become a part of the daily grind for most people, and it can be hard to "turn off" during the weekend like you can on holiday. Unfortunately, we can't take holidays to Mallorca every month, but what you can do is take a weekend trip to de-stress. If London feels like a great alternative, consider staying in Paddington. The idyllic area is a slow-paced with a canal and beautiful square gardens. It's the ultimate location for a city stroll, without the hustle and bustle.


Enjoy a filling breakfast


Welcome to Paddington! Ready to begin a relaxing weekend? Check into your hotel at the Park Grand London Paddington hotel and don't set the alarm for the following morning. The ultimate guide to a relaxing weekend in Paddington would be incomplete without mentioning that you should start the day by sleeping way past 8 AM, give yourself permission for once.  This weekend is your time to de-stress.


Enjoy a filling breakfast at the hotel buffet, because what's better than a hotel buffet? Feast on scrumptiously baked goods like muffins and savoury delights like bacon, sausages, omelettes and poached eggs.


Relaxing spa treatment


Continue your day by penning in a spa appointment. Casa Spa offers an excellent hammam treatment, massages and facials. The knots in your back probably hold a lot of stress and tension, and Casa Spa knows how to make you feel zen. Regardless if you booked a twin room London hotel or not, you can still enjoy a solo spa day! Let your partner do something that they enjoy, too. 


"Little Venice"


Paddington Basin has a network of waterways that go through north London, much like Italy's Venice - hence the name. It's a gorgeous location for walks, void of tourists and cars. In the basin, there is also a floating park with shrubs, benches and other greenery. Bring a book or a sandwich for a little mid-day break in the sun after your relaxing spa treatment.


Garden squares


After your mid-day sandwich, go on a stroll in Paddington and admire the beautiful architecture and garden squares. Sometimes these square areas are private to nearby residents, try not to trespass. An arrest does not complete a relaxing weekend. 


Alexander Fleming museum


When in London, do as the tourists and visit a museum. But don't ruin your relaxing weekend by waiting in long lines among crowds of boisterous tourists. Visit a low-key museum. Check out the Alexander Flemming museum in Paddington. Haven’t heard of it? Not many people have experienced the gem that is part of the St Mary's Hospital. Learn about the discovery and development of penicillin from Fleming.


Go boating


In the evening, rent a boat in Paddington basin with GoBoat. There isn't much traffic on the canal, and the boats are easy to drive. Renters are encouraged to bring picnics, as the GoBoats include kitchen tables. Enjoy a fresh summer meal while watching the sunset, because work can wait till Monday.

Top 6 Instagrammable spots in London

In the day of social media, influencers find themselves looking for some hotspots to take photographs that will gain traction and get them the most likes.  Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms and is fast taking over as the best advertising stage for brands. Instagramers are in the same line as some of the hottest celebrities who live in London or anywhere else in the world. In this article, we will explore some of the amazing sites where you can secure the best pictures in London. This historical city is diverse with possibilities from a rich culture and amazing food scene.



  1. Buckingham Palace

For first time visitors to London, no trip is complete without snapping in front of one of the most photographed houses in London. Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the British Monarch and has welcomed state visitors from across the world. The palace backdrop makes for great travel pictures. Make sure to get creative with your poses to get some of the best pics the highlight the palace.


  1. The London Eye

Also called the Millenium Wheel, the London Eye is one of the hottest attractions in the city. You will get to see breath-taking views of the incredible London Skyline and take some impressions of the entire city from the top of the wheel. The Ferris wheel opened at 9th of March 2000 and with its 135m high, it is the biggest one in the whole of Europe.


  1. Kings Cross, light tunnel

This 90m long tunnel which is a connection between St. Pancras International and Kings Cross station. The wall art on the corridors makes for some incredible arty pictures. The space has an incredible atmosphere with190 controllable LED light-panels.


  1. Piccadilly Circus

This is one of the busiest intersections in the heart of the city. Tourists can marvel at the large billboards with colourful lighting and a hot spot among locals and tourists. Expect to find some cool bars and attractions and some of the best luxury accommodation in London.


  1. Notting Hill

Located in the north-west corner of Hyde Park, is the charming and sophisticated neighbourhood made famous by some of the hottest rom-com movies. Since the eponymous movie with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, the district of London with its colourful small houses and the weekly market for antiquities is well-known in the whole world. Head on over the famous blue door to capture an iconic moment from your favourite film. After a day of exploring the neighbourhood check out the bar area at The Park Grand Hotel Hyde Park. The restaurant and bar serve innovative cocktails and delicious picture-perfect meals.


  1. Leadenhall Market

This food-lovers market features stalls with some of the freshest seasonal fruit and vegetables in the city. A great spot to capture the vibrant colours while sampling all the delicious food found here. This spot is popular with both locals and tourists. The market is open on weekdays from 7 am.

Top tips for a romantic getaway to london


London has always been one of the top cities in the world for romance. From the epic depths of cities history to the forever unfurling entertainment, the city has always held out a hand to couples from across the world.


Love is always in the air somewhere in London. Whether that be in the sensual steam rooms of central Montcalm Royal London House spas, or the sweet serenity of the outer city suburbs, there’s a lot to fall in love with here. If you’re thinking of visiting for a weekend retreat or a newlywed honeymoon, you’ve got your work cut out for you in London. Every borough of the city holds close to its heart a unique and definitive romance, capturing yours as you fall for your other half.


Regardless of whether you’re staying at hotels near Liverpool Street station or you’ve found a city sanctum somewhere further afield, this list of romantic must-sees will spark the passion you and your partner are searching for.


Explore London’s rich history

London’s history is deeply interwoven with romance. From breathtaking romantic artists to the love affairs of the royalty, the city’s past flows deep with romance, whether you’re at a restaurant in Finsbury Square or a nightclub in Shoreditch.


Take Hyde Park for instance. Back in the 18th century, the Serpentine Lake was extended to create a private Garden for Queen Caroline of Brunswick by her devoted husband and King of England, George II. The nearby Royal Albert Hall was also a labour of love, created by Queen Victoria in memory of her late husband Prince Albert.


Romantic London views

London is home to a breathtaking range of buildings and attractions and one of the best ways to enjoy this is with a great view. Wherever you find yourself, there’s bound to be a great view of the city nearby. Whether on the South Bank or in one of the Shard’s high-end restaurants, the city is full to the brim with glittering horizons, promising intimate moments shared between you and your partner.


The grass is always greener

Alongside the romantic views, London is chockablock full of beautiful green areas to explore. Whether a summer stroll or a winter ramble, the forests, nature reserves and parks of London all spring full of romance. With Hampstead Heath, you can explore forest hidden swimming baths, and beautiful lush woodlands. Furthermore, Parliament Hill, where you can find kings mound is known for having a stunning panoramic view of the London skyline. On top of this, the idyllic and centrally located Hyde Park, as well as the easterly Victoria Park and Westerly Richmond Park are also great spots to enjoy London’s natural landscapes.


Explore the outer reaches

Whilst the city centre promises a plethora of romantic dates, exploring further afield will also turn up some romantic rocks on your trip. With areas such as Highgate and Peckham bringing unique and vibrant communities to light, these areas are perfect for dates and urban exploration. With traditional pubs and restaurants, as well as trendy bars and breweries, the fringes of the city are alive with personality, and hold the potential to make your trip that extra little bit special.

Exploring the Independent boutiques of Shoreditch

Shoreditch has always been a district of London that harbours a distinctive edge. Dating back to its infamy in the Victorian era, the market trading district and petty crime haven has tirelessly put its warren-like lanes to good use, whether that be for pickpocketing, begging or market trading (or any of the above!).


However, in the 20th century Shoreditch attracted a diverse immigrant community, working on the nearby canals and docklands area. Shoreditch shed the notoriety it gained in the Victorian era and nurtured new depths to the area’s shops and market stalls.



Even more recently Shoreditch has become a haven for the artistic. With streets swimming in art studios and venues, the area has quickly attracted fashion boutiques, record stores and local art markets.


If you’re staying at the M by Montcalm Shoreditch rooms, then you’ve no doubt seen for yourself how vibrant the East London community is. With so much going on, it’s no surprise to find the streets teeming with independent shops and market stalls, a projection of the colourful and unique personality of Shoreditch. Here are some of our favourites.


Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Store

Tucked away in the depths of Old Street, the Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Store is an expansive warehouse space full to the brim with eclectic and vibrant summer clothes. With cut throat prices and a bustling atmosphere, Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Store is a haven for the nostalgic and thrifty among us.



Elemental is a second hand furniture shop on Shoreditch High Street. Whilst many people staying at hotels near Shoreditch Station won’t necessarily want to trawl these alluring vintage pieces back home with them, the vast array is well worth a browse. Packed to the rafters with vintage lights, plush sofas chairs and tables, Elemental will have you revisiting Shoreditch for a one of a kind purchase.



Folk has been knocking about Shoreditch’s Lamb’S Conduit Street since 2001 and has recently opened a women’s store at number 53 of the same road. The simple, bold style of the Folk brand has been a signature of the company since its inception in 2001 by Scottish born Cathal McAteer, infusing his clothes with the ruggedness and no-nonsense aesthetics of his home.


Pam Pam

Based on Bethnal Green Road, this woman’s only shoe store stands out from the male heavy world of trainers, bringing with it a unique range of designer trainers perfectly suited to women’s fashion. Whatever your footwear needs, the high quality and practical selection of well-known trainer brands and unique independent labels.



Present is all about the unexpected. Standing out from the crowd with a range of unique and often forgotten brands, Present collect accessories, snacks and clothes that represent the next big thing. With international brands boasting the most unique of their clothing, the Shoreditch High Street based Present is a must for the most individual of individuals.


Thethe Store

Thethe Store is a beauty accessory, fashion and design shop full to the brim with amazing products from across the world. With its spacious and minimalist Scandinavian style, Thethe Store is an airy haven for aesthetic connoisseurs.

Best City Views of London

Consisting of over 1500 square miles of land, London extends far further than the eye can see, even on a clear day. That being said, there are countless great spots dotted across the city where you can gain an awe-inspiring snapshot of the city’s magnitude. This is especially vital if it’s your first time in the city; if not for the wow factor, a wider view of the city will no doubt help you to get your bearings in the city, especially if you’re staying in a centrally located London 5 star hotel, from where the city can become rather disorientating.



For head space and stunning cityscapes, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best views in the city. Whilst the views themselves are marvelous, each of these views can be discovered among many other London marvels and attractions, each area bringing its own distinct atmosphere.


Sky Garden


Located at number 20 Fenchurch Street, the Sky Garden is spread across two floors of the iconic Walkie Talkie building. This greenhouse like space is full to the brim with bars, cafes and plant life, giving you a view of the city just as green as any parks hill could!


The Shard’s mouthwatering restaurants


Another great way to enjoy the city horizon from the comfort of an eatery is the Shard. With several restaurants spread out over its 50 plus floors, you can enjoy Chinese, Italian and fusion cuisine, all with a panoramic view over the city.


Telegraph Hill


Hidden away in the depths of South East London’s Nunhead, Telegraph Hill is a pocket of the park with a stunning view over the city center. With the high-rise glamour of the Shard and the Walkie Talkie building, a summer’s day on Telegraph Hill shimmers with spectacle, and the sunset’s well worth staying for.


Greenwich Park Observatory


Greenwich is already a spacious and attraction filled area of East London, and with the views from the hill, you’ll have even more reason to whittle away a day in this dockside Eden. From the hill of the Greenwich Park Observatory, stunning panoramas of the Canary Wharf financial district glitter and jut from across the Thames.


London Eye


If you’re taking advantage of London hotel offers in the center of the city, then the London Eye is one of the best ways to get to grips London’s scale. The South Bank based 32 capsuled Ferris wheel is a half hour round journey and climbs you up to 135 meters in the air. From the top of the London Eye, you’ll be able to see up to 25 miles in every direction.


Docklands Light Railway


With the DLR, it’s truly the journey that counts. Get a front row seat on one of the automated light rail trains and see much of East London’s docklands area from high above. Glide through Canary Wharf and across the canals of the Thames and get a glimpse of the city from an entirely new perspective.


Try crazy golf in London

London is home to a plethora of sports venues and hosts numerous world-class tournaments as well. From rugby to lawn tennis, football to cricket, there are plenty of sporting venues for sports enthusiasts to explore when in the city.  


If you are a sports fan then London is the city that will whet your appetite for sports. If you have a trip planned and are looking for boutique accommodation at an affordable price, book the Barbican Rooms Hotel Suite offered by London City suites in a central spot in the city. A must-have experience is the hotel’s London Afternoon Tea affair at the London City hotel.   


One of the games catching on with golf lovers in London is crazy golf. It offers a great opportunity to hang with family or friends and enjoy a few rounds of golf. Unlike a formal golf game, crazy golf is highly creative and innovative and definitely is something to try when in the capital.


Some of the best crazy golf courses to visit in London include:


Dinosaur Escape:


Another animal-themed crazy golf venue in west London is Dinosaur Escape, with no prizes for guessing draws inspiration from the extinct creatures. It draws its inspiration from the sunny US state of Florida and offers an 18-hole course, with everything on a gigantic scale including massive animatronic dinosaurs. It definitely adds to the fun of playing at the course as long as you do not let it distract you from the game.




If you want to enjoy golf at a unique location try Plonk at Dalston or any of its other three venues across London.  The Dalston venue has the very spiffy Efes Pool Hall that has its own unique interior décor featuring luminescent paint that gives it an unearthly glow during the night. If you are looking for an al fresco golf venue during the summer months head to Brixton and Hackney both of which have their Plonk courses outdoors. The fourth and final Plonk venue is at The Four Thieves, formerly a Victorian music hall located in Battersea. While it is smaller in size than the rest it has a games room with arcade games and table tennis to make it more fun.




With a rather dubious sounding name, Swingers was the first crazy golf bar to open in London. Located at the base of the Gherkin in central London, it is a popup venue that received a lot of popularity with crazy golf lovers. Spread over 16,000 square feet it has two 9-hole courses, plenty of street food options and an amazing 5 bars serving golf-themed drinks. Definitely, a fun way to sip and practise your putt!


Dragon Quest Adventure Golf:


A great place to take the kids to and introduce them to crazy golf. It offers an 18-hole dragon-themed golf course with actual replicas of dragons. The factor that makes playing here all the more unique is the background shrieking special effects. Other unique features include water features, massive monster footprints around the course and caves. The place is popular with families during the weekends and holidays so it is best to make your booking in advance. 

Choose a hotel near the airport when in London

When travelling to London or any other major city it is always a wise decision to choose accommodation near the airport whenever possible. There are several advantages of staying next to the airport with time saved one of the biggest benefits. 



With a direct express link to Paddington Station from Heathrow’s terminals staying at the Hotel Park Grand Paddington Court London would be a suitable option. While booking ask for any of the London hotels special offers available for direct bookings at the hotel website.  


Some of the benefits of staying near the airport include:


Lower transport costs:


If you select a hotel a long way from the airport the transport costs will increase substantially. A large sum of money will be spent on commuting, the same which can be spent on other activities in the city. If you are travelling on a tight budget spending large sums on commuting is best avoided. Deciding to stay at a hotel near the airport will help to economise on travel costs.


Less stressful:


The very purpose of going on a holiday is to get rid of stress and unwind from the daily routines of our lives. Select a hotel far from the airport and getting to your destination from the airport will take a fair bit of time. After a long and tiring flight, it is not always an enjoyable experience to travel lengthy distances to arrive at the hotel. Besides if you use a shuttle service, cab or taxi there is the London traffic which can mean traffic jams and delayed arrival at the hotel. Save yourself all the unnecessary bother and instead choose a hotel that is located in close proximity to the airport. 


Save valuable time:


Time is of the essence and when you are on holiday using every moment prudently certainly matters. When you end up spending hours travelling to and from the hotel you will waste a lot of time which could be used to enjoy sightseeing and other activities in London. Staying close to the airport will definitely help to save on time considerably.  


Ample means of entertainment in the neighbourhood:


When you stay at a property near a major airport like Heathrow, there are ample places to explore including restaurants, bars and shopping centres etc. The neighbourhood is vibrant and lively with plenty of activities to enjoy in the vicinity.


Get to relax soon after arrival:


Book a hotel near the airport and you can arrive at the hotel in a short time after landing and checking out of the airport. The holiday season is when the airports are at their busiest and waiting to clear customs can be a lengthy affair. After a long flight and jetlag, there is no better relief than to check in to a hotel soon after deplaning and get refreshed at the hotel. Once you are rested and relaxed you could even consider going around and doing a bit of sightseeing.

The Unusual Facts about London Eye


There are various interesting facts popular about London Eye. It is the giant Ferris wheel and it is located at River Thames in London. Living at the London City Suites it becomes easy for you to visit the London Eye with the best of zeal. There are people to call the same as the Millennium Wheel. There are visitors to name the place as British Airways London Eye. There are more names given to the destination like the Merlin Entertainments London Eye, the EDF Energy London Eye and from the year 2015 the popular name given to the place is the Coca-Cola London Eye.


The designing of the London Eye was done by the architects like Frank Anatole, Nic Bailey, Steve Chilton, Malcolm Cook, Mark Sparrowhawk, and there was also the joint team of the husband and the wife of Julia Barfield and David Marks. The design has similarity to the structure of the massive bicycle wheel. From the Barbican Rooms Hotel you can travel to the destination with the best of ease. The wheel has the central hub and the spindle and this is linked to the inner and the outer rims with the help of the cable spokes.


The wheel is 200 times huge when compared to the normal bike wheel. The dimension of the structure is 135 meters and the diameter of the wheel is 120 meters. The same was erected in the year 1999 and it is known to be the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. It is known to be the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe and it is the fourth tallest in the entire world. it will take more than a year to complete the construction of London Eye. 1700 tonnes of steel was used in the process of making the wheel. Moreover, 3000 tonnes of concrete was needed to build the massive structure.


Once you step out from the suite Hotel London you can have the directions clear to London Eye. The wheel has the 32 ovoidal capsules and each of the same belongs to the London boroughs. You have the capsules being numbered from 1 to 33. You don’t have a capsule with number 13 as it is considered to be ominous. The weight of one capsule is 32 tonnes and it can carry 25 people in one go. The wheel rotates with the diameter of 26 centimeters per second and one rotation of the wheel is sure to take 30 minutes.


There is enough space within the capsule to let people move with utter freeness. It will take time for you to visit the place. Sitting at one of the capsules will give you the 360 degree view of London. In each of the rotation the London Eye has the capacity of holding 800 people in totality. The London Eye was officially opened by Prime Minister Tony Blair and this happened on the eve of the New Year of 1999. However, things were not open for the public till the year 2000 due to several technical issues.


After you have completed with The London Eye you can settle for the Afternoon Tea London City. This is one of the iconic landmarks of London and this is one of the popular paid tourist attractions in the United Kingdom. From the wheel you can see as far as the Windsor Castle.

Your guide to London’s most inspiring museums

London is a fantastic hub of culture, with dozens of inspiring and fascinating museums all over the city. Learn more about the arts or history, delve deeper into science, or discover London’s own hidden secrets, with a trip to some of its fantastic museums!


Read on for a run down on some of the city’s best museums and get planning for your next visit.


The British Museum



The British Museum is just a short tube ride away from the Park Grand Paddington, and is one of the city’s most popular attractions. Free to visit, the museum houses an enormous and impressive collection, with over 8 million artefacts from all over the world.


As well as giving you the chance to see a wealth of treasures from almost every continent, the museum also provides a fascinating insight into the role of Britain as a colonial power.


The Victoria and Albert Museum



As a hub of arts and culture through human history, the Victoria and Albert Museum is a must see for anyone who loves to discover the stories behind different civilisations.


As well as a wealth of historic items from the globe, some dating back thousands of years, the V&A also regularly exhibits fascinating collections from contemporary history, including a more intimate glimpse at some of the greatest fashion designers and artists in recent decades.


The Natural History Museum



The Natural History Museum is the perfect place to visit in London, if you love to learn more about the natural world. Often dubbed “the cathedral of nature”, the museum is close by to lots of convenient accommodation in London Paddington, and boasts an enormous collection, from dinosaur skeletons, to meteorites dating back billions of years.


Make sure you take your time to enjoy the architecture of the museum too, as this impressive Victorian building has plenty of hidden attractions within, from intricate tiles to beautiful carvings depicting the natural world.


The Wellcome Collection


Free to visit, the Wellcome Collection is an innovative museum focusing predominantly on medicine and science and provides an intriguing insight into human history. Learn more about the fascinating history of science, psychology and human behaviour across diverse cultures, as well as the intersection between art and science through film, photography and more.


The Wellcome Collection also has a wonderful library to explore, with a huge range of historical texts and items that you can take a closer look at.


The Museum of Childhood



As the largest museum in the country dedicated to childhood, this delightful museum is perfect for younger visitors, with an incredible collection of items that explores childhood across cultures. Discover how children’s clothing has changed across the years and explore their enormous collection of dolls and doll houses, as well as other wonderful toys.


The museum also holds several special events and activities through the year, making it an ideal destination to visit with children of all ages.


What are your favourite museums to visit in London?

Your guide to a great night out in East London

If you’re planning a big night out in East London, then you’re in for a treat. You’ll find some of the city’s most stylish and exciting restaurants and bars in Shoreditch, as well as the best clubs and live music venues around, ensuring that you’ll have a thrilling and memorable evening out.


Book yourself into one of the great value hotels in City Road in London, and start planning your perfect night out. To help you out, read on for some of our top suggestions.


For a night of retro fun


East London specialises in quirky and slightly nostalgic places for a fun night out, and you’ll find everything from retro bowling lanes to roller disco. But for an easy going evening filled with ping pong games and old school tunes, check out Bounce on Old Street, with great drinks and bar snacks on offer, as well as a classic game of table tennis.  With delicious cocktails as well as well crafted versions of your favourite pub food on the menu, it’s an ideal place for a fun night out with friends.


For dance floor mayhem


If you want to get down to business and hit the dance floor, East London has some of the city’s best clubs for a night out. Check out the renowned Fabric or XOYO, where you’ll find many of the world’s top DJs performing regularly, as well as live music performances from fantastic artists. And when you’re taking a break from throwing shapes, sit back and admire the stylish décor.


For killer karaoke sessions


A night of karaoke is a pretty much a fool-proof guarantee for a fun evening out, and East London’s top spot for singing your lungs out has to be Queen of Hoxton. You’ll find more than just the usual 80s power ballads here though – head to their Hip Hop Karaoke nights if you want to show off your skills on the mic.


And if you’d rather stay out of the spotlight, head up to their stylish rooftop bar instead. With a heated wigwam during the cooler months and cosy seating when it’s warmer, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a delicious cocktail beneath the stars.



For the strange and unusual


If you’re drawn to the darker side, then the Last Tuesday Society in Hackney may be just up your street. Part of the Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, you’ll find unique treats including London’s only Absinthe Hour as well a delicious array of other classic drinks, as well as plenty of taxidermied creatures and a lot of literary flair.


For something a little different


If you want to be surprised by something a little more innovative and unique then skip the club dance floors for The Book Club instead. Located on Leonard Street, The Book Club hosts a wide variety of events through the week, from life drawing classes and spoken word performances, to quirky speed dating events and stand up comedy.


You’ll still find plenty of opportunities to dance and enjoy a delicious drink, but with a more casual and laid back atmosphere, it can be a great place to enjoy a more relaxing night out.


Have you been out in East London? Where are your favourite places to go?