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What does ‘luxury’ really mean in the hotel world?

When it comes to the hotel world, the word ‘luxury’ can sometimes be quite loosely applied; leaving guests wondering what exactly they paid the premium price tag for after all. In short, however, ‘what is luxury’ is really just as personal as the question ‘what tastes good’. In this article, we intend to uncover the word ‘luxury’ and point you towards those venues in London which really do embody the true value of the luxurious – including what to look out for and how to unveil the truly luxurious from the blindingly standard.


What is luxury?


Luxury means something different to different people, often depending on your past experiences and your general lifestyle. Whether it translates into freebies, a comfortable bed, great value packages or the standard of the hotel facilities, creating a generic definition of ‘hotel luxury’ is a near-impossible task.


For someone searching for luxury hotel rooms in London, the scale of the results is likely to vary greatly. Some of the best offerings we’ve seen embody not only a luxury hotel but also a fantastic location, providing guests with easy access to some of London’s greatest highlights and attractions. Areas within the hotel are also subject to scrutiny when it comes to valuing a hotel’s luxury status, including not only the inclusion of spa facilities but also their standard and popularity.


The room 


Defining a hotel room as 'luxury' again depends on the hotel you are in and what you are used to. If the hotel is one of London’s more premium offerings, any hotel could be seen as luxury. One of the most popular hotels in Marble Arch offers a unique ambience which is often described as luxury, mainly because it provides such a contrast to the busy chaos of Marble Arch outside its front doors. Elegantly designed bedrooms and bathrooms add to the hotel’s appeal and the exclusive nature of its limited rooms only seeks to add to the air of exclusivity and luxury.


Added extras


Does it include a spa package or experience as part of your booking? Is breakfast included, and is it unlimited? Does the bar provide a waiter service rather than forcing you to queue and wait your turn? All of these things may seem like small extras but can mean the difference between a standard and a typically luxury hotel. Next time you’re looking to add a hint of luxury to your stay in London, do some research online to find the best deals that offer more for your money. And remember, just because it says luxury and has a doorman at the front to welcome you to the hotel, that doesn’t mean it has to meet your personal view of what ‘luxury’ really is.