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Fun things to enjoy for free in London

A generally accepted fact is London is among the most expensive cities on the planet. Whether it is dining or drinking out in the city, the prices are much higher in London than the rest of the country. Similarly shopping at chain stores and other outlets is pricier as well.


While accommodation costs can be steep as well, there are special offers and discounts available from hotels like the London City Suites Barbican from time to time. The hotel offers excellent amenities, excellent customer service and with access to the barbican centre parking as well.


Similarly watch out for special offers or happy hours on offer at the Barbican restaurants in London, which would also help to trim expenses if on a budget. Besides a number of cultural institutions offer free access including the top museums and art galleries. While special exhibits may be ticketed, it is optional to leave a nominal donation at the venues you visit.



One of the must-visit venues is the British Museum, that is world-famous as one of the most iconic museums on the planet. It has a captivating collection of relics and artefacts covering couture, civilisations, arts and human history on the planet. Some of the priceless exhibits on display include Egyptian mummies, the Elgin Marbles, An Easter Island statue and the Rosetta Stone among many others. Similarly, the Natural History Museum showcases some of the most unique artefacts and fossils of the natural world. These include Hope, the gigantic blue whale skeleton occupying centre stage in the Great Hall. The highlight, of course, is the very popular dinosaur fossils collection that captivates all that tour the museum. A visit to the Natural History Museum is a magical experience and enthrals both young and old alike. Both museums offer free admission with the exception of special exhibits.



If your visit to the Natural History Museum has stimulated further interest in nature and the natural world, a tour of the Grant Museum of Zoology would be only quite appropriate. It is far smaller in size making it ideal to combine with a trip to the Natural History Museum. While it may be comparatively smaller it is no less interesting with its collection featuring skeletons, jars and cabinets that is reminiscent of walking into a boffin’s laboratory. There also are some very unique exhibits like an extinct elephant bird’s egg, the skeleton of an extinct sea-cow, a mammoth tusk 12,000 years old etc.



In keeping with the trend of visiting free attractions, the Science Museum is another great venue to explore. With exciting exhibits and captivating interactive galleries that engage both children and adults. It is a wonderful place to introduce kids to the wonders of science in a very informal atmosphere using playful methods. All of the exhibits are curated as per the age categories of children like The Pattern Pod and The Garden for the little ones, while the IMAX Cinema and Energy and Antenna Galleries are for teens and older kids.