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Packing for a long weekend in East London

Have you got a city break to East London coming up? If so, we imagine you’ll have already selected one of the fantastic 5 stars hotels Shoreditch has to offer and planned an itinerary that includes all the must-see sites of this borough that you can finally tick off your bucket list. East London is the perfect place to enjoy a long weekend away, as the areas offer authentic London charm and a plethora of wonderful experiences to enjoy. Before you leave, however, you’ll need to pack everything you need. Of course, you want to travel fairly light for a long weekend, but there are few things that you should definitely bring along with you. Read on to find out more. 



A Fully Closeable Day Bag 


Now, we are sure that you’ve got your ultimate travel case ready, but the first thing you should definitely not forget is a bag to take with you during the day. East London is home to a wonderful collection of markets and trendy independent shops, so you’ll want to bring a bag that could easily fit a few extra items. This is much better than the alternative of lugging round plastic bags with you that are accumulated with every purchase, which will probably lead to you having to return to your Montcalm Shoreditch Hotel before you’ve finished exploring, just to unload. By bringing a bag, you are not only saving your fingers from the strain but helping the planet by not relying on single-use plastic. The reason we have specified a fully closeable bag is to deter any pickpocketers. Although you need not worry about crime during your visit to the city, an open bag on public transport and in crowds is never a good idea. In your bag, we also recommend that you pack a good book. There are a number of gorgeous parks in East London where you will appreciate a book to settle down with away from the bustling streets. 




If you are visiting the city alone, headphones are a great tool that will make you fit in with the locals. Why? Well, because you can put your google maps on through your headphones, which provides directions over your music - so you can explore the city by foot without having to constantly concentrate on a map. Your 5-star hotel Shoreditch front desk will be more than happy to guide you to the nearest tube station, but after that - headphones are definitely a winning solution! 


Clothes Styles

East London has a trendy, up-and-coming vibe, so if you can be sure of one thing, it’s that you will be surrounded by pretty cool looking people. To fit in and feel comfortable, we recommend comfy shoes paired with your favourite day outfits, then something slightly funkier for the evening. If you’re planning on a night out in East London, the vibe is generally still quite casual, so you don’t really need to worry about bringing suits or stilettos (unless you want to, of course!). Before you head for your night on the town, you should definitely book into the M by Montcalm Spa for a luxury treatment, so you can hit the town feeling your absolute best.