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London’s Street Food Explosion

It’s funny how often the latest trends come from things that people used to openly despise or look down upon. When I was a teenager, I almost died of embarrassment when my mother suggested that I buy a fanny-pack for my school trip to France to keep my valuables safe from the pilfering of pickpockets - and yet everywhere I look today: fanny-packs. Children are wearing them, models down the runway are wearing them and my 20-year-old brother thinks he is hot stuff when he wears his to music festivals. What is life?



I feel that the same upgrade was given to people’s attitudes towards Street Food. A few years ago, mentioning ‘Street Food’ brought up images of either dodgy cart hotdogs stewing in year-old water or taking you back to your ‘gap yah’ across Asia where you mustered all your bravery to sample a fried scorpion on a stick.


This reputation is no more my friend, because now ordering food A-La-Street-Cart is all A-La-Mode. It is almost impossible to take a stroll around London without stumbling upon a bustling market filled with carts and huts and stalls selling trendy and delicious food combinations that you would never have imagined and from all over the world.


They say that variety is the spice of life and we all know that there is nothing worse than getting consensus on what food to order or restaurant to go to for more than one person: which is why there is so much appeal to modern Street Food at one of your local market scenes. A wonderful vibe, enticing aromas, usually some form of musical entertainment and a place for everyone to sit together and each eat exactly what their heart desires. The only potential problem is finding that seat, but with a little stealth, strategy and persistence this should not be too much of a problem. Just be sure to look up the days and times that your market of choice is open before you go!


Depending on where in London you have based yourself or set your sight on exploring that particular day, you are bound to come across some amazing markets. If you’re a Central London Loyalist (you know, the type who stays at the Marble Arch Suites so often that they are on the Platinum level of the hotel loyalty program) then you will be happy to know that you have many wonderful options close-by.


If you venture Eastward towards the City of London you will pass Berwick Street Market neatly placed right in the middle of the Covent Garden Station and the Oxford Circus Underground Station. An oldie (established in 1830) but a goodie – there will be plenty to feast your eyes and stomachs upon. Not too far away, in Farringdon, you would also be spoiled for choice at the Leather Lane Market: but be warned that it is only open from 10am-2pm on weekdays!


However, if you’re willing to venture a little further North for the marketplace that stands tall above them all, then you really have to go and experience the whirlwind that is Camden Market. There is vintage clothing, interesting artworks, novelty products mixed with antique treasures and Street Food for Every Mood… and these are just three popular ones from Central London! If you’re a real explorer in search of Street Food then London truly is your oyster.