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The Flavours of London: Our Favourite Restaurants in Shoreditch

London is the dazzling capital of England. Welcoming in over 30 million visitors each year, it has so many experiences and opportunities available that you could visit 100 times and still not be short of things to do and see. Some come for the Galleries and others for the shopping,  but our favourite thing about this wonderful city is the impressive selection of dining experiences that are available to you. London’s population is made up of 270 different Nationalities and some 300 languages are commonly spoken. With this in mind, it is not really a shock that there is such a wide range of culinary opportunities available, from traditional to ingenius fusions. Our favourites of the eating locations in the city have to be in Shoreditch. Read on to discover the best restaurants in Shoreditch



Dirty Bones Shoreditch


Now, if this is your first time in the city, then we are sure that you will have some very intense sightseeing days scheduled. After hours of walking and exploring the sights, you will inevitably build up quite an appetite. Although you may be tempted to cuddle up and order room service in your 5 star hotel in Shoreditch, however, we recommend that you head to Dirty Bones instead. This American Comfort Food Joint invites you to enjoy the naughtiest of American cuisine in a super stylish yet cosy environment. 


The Clove Club


If this is your first time in the UK, then we imagine that you are keen to sample some quintessential British dining. However, once you’ve stuffed yourself on a Sunday Roast and dined like royalty on an Afternoon Tea, we recommend that you book yourself into the Clove Club. A delightful example of fine british cuisine The Clove Club, located inside Shoreditch Town Hall. This wonderful establishment creates delightful british recipes out of “overlooked” ingredients, making for a sustainable and delicious night out from your Montcalm Shoreditch hotel

Street Food on Brick Lane


Last but not least, we have Brick Lane. If you have a hankering for a curry following an afternoon in M by Montcalm Spa, then you need look no further than this world-famous street. The Bangleshi hub of London, Brick Lane is home to an immense selection of Curry Houses, vintage shops, and, of course, some pretty amazing street food. Both indoor venues and stand-alone stalls provide some of the tastiest in street food dining experiences. This is perfect for those looking for a laid back dinner and a truly authentic experience of the city from a local’s perspective. While you’re there, be sure to put the phone down and take in the sights, because you will be surrounded by some of the most wonderful examples of Street Art in London. 




Sometimes, all you need a good pizza. Fortunately for you, there is a wonderful little Italian place just around the corner from your Montcalm Shoreditch accommodation. This establishment as a friendly yet stylish feel to it, making for a great dinner spot in the city.