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Japan in March - How to Celebrate St Patrick's Day Irish Style

St Patrick’s Day is an annual cultural celebration, where billions of people take to the streets dressed head-to-toe in green across the world to celebrate the Patron Saint of Ireland - St Patrick. Celebrations generally include parades, drinking, dancing and general group socialising on the streets of the city. If you are fortunate enough to be in Japan in March, then you can join in the festivities too! We know, an Irish celebration...in Japan? Well, yep! This is an event which is celebrated in most of the major cities throughout the world - so green suit up and follow our tips for how to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Japan, Irish style. 



Join the Party 


So, first things first, when do you need to be there? Well, the major celebration for St Patrick’s Day in Tokyo is the “I love Ireland” Festival on the 14th and 15th of March. By checking into the Prince Hotel that week, you will be able to experience all the must-see sights of the city, then take the weekend to get your Irish Jig on and party the days away. The I Love Ireland Festival takes place in Yoyogi Park and celebrates all the best aspects of Irish culture, from food and drinks to dancing and music. The festival then takes to the streets for a parade along Omotesando Dori on the sunday, which promises to provide plenty of spectacular performances, costumes and insta-worthy moments making a great weekend in Tokyo. 


The Emerald Ball 


If you are looking for a slightly fancier St Patrick’s Day celebration in Tokyo, then we recommend that you book a seat at The Emerald Ball. Get glammed up in green in your Prince Hotel accommodation, set out to one of the restaurants holding an Irish theme for the weekend, then head over to the stunning Emerald Ball. Here, you can enjoy world-class musical performances which celebrate the culture of Ireland in a stylish concert hall - which is great for those who are not such big fans of parades. 


St Patrick’s Day Parade

There is nothing like a good old fashioned parade. We mentioned this earlier but The Parade is the most iconic part of the festivities throughout the world, so we’re going to go into a little more detail for you. Tickets are only Y500 to join in, which allows you to dance alongside the brightly coloured performers, animals, musicians and dancers. Take to the streets for 2 hours after the I Love Ireland Festival, and absorb the wonderful positive, buzzing atmosphere, before heading back to the Prince Hotel restaurant for dinner in the capital. If you’re looking for a night on the town after this weekend of celebrations, then head over to Shinjuku where the celebrations will continue into the early hours of the morning. For the ultimate night out experience, try to find a club which serves Guinness! This fun drink challenge still injects the Irish spirit into your night while still allowing you to enjoy the iconic Japanese clubbing experience.