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London at night: what not to miss

London has been described as the city that never sleeps. And it doesn’t. There’s always something going on and things to do and see. Though a heads up, if you do want somewhere to sleep you have to check out the Barbican Rooms Hotel for luxury at its best. Why? Because it’s a good place to camp, relax and sleep in before venturing out at night. 


The allure of London by night

It doesn’t matter where you stay in London because at nightime, it’s likely that the lights won’t go off. In a good way of course. For instance if you’re staying in 5 star accommodation London City, then you’ll be prone to seeing some great lights from your hotel window. The lights of iconic landmarks in the distance, the buzz of a vibrant dining scene and much more. Just go outside and explore!


Landmarks by night

Seeing some of the capital city’s landmarks during the day is one thing. But at night time it’s completely different. For instance if you head to Tower Bridge or the Millenium Bridge, you’ll see it lit up like something in a movie. Which makes it even more appealing to walk over! Even better, if you book yourself onto the London Eye at night time, you’ll get an amazing view of the Southbank. All the restaurants, bars, street performers (if they’re still out), all performing their own light show for you. We’d recommend heading to Sushi Samba for a night to remember, not just because of the dining experience but because you can also take in the London skyline at night, with views including the impressive Gherkin in the not-so-far-distance.


Going out on ground level

Get lost in the crowd. Well, don’t actually get lost. Just enjoy the buzz of a bustling crowd in areas such as Soho or Chinatown or Leicester Square. All the buildings nearby are lit up, enticing you in. And with so many different pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs to choose from, you’ll find something new each and every time you head out. Or there’s always McDonald’s.


Business doesn’t mean business

Canary Wharf may be home to big businesses and might only remind you that you need to check your HSBC account, but at night time it’s completely different. Looking upon it from the other side of the river is like looking at the Godfather skyline imagery - bright, visceral skyscrapers. Head into Canary Wharf and see for yourself that it’s not all work and no play, with bars and restaurants to visit.


Extra curricular activities

As well as all the things you can see just by setting foot outside your door, there are lots of night time specific events too. Some are held in museums such as the Natural History Museum or the V&A so you can enjoy culture whenever you like. Maybe you’ll do a Jack the Ripper tour in the East End? Or you might just find a flyer for an all-night rave at 93 Feet East down Brick Lane. Whatever your vibe, you’ll attune to it at night time.


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