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To-Do List for a solo-weekend in Soho

Soho is one of London's most famous and exciting areas to visit. A hive of activity and attractions of all shapes and sizes, Soho is full of historical landmarks and hidden gems at every turn with luxury accommodation in London close by. With a little something for everyone, Soho is also ideal for solo-travellers. Check out this to-do list if you are planning to visit the area.  


Soho Walking Tour

A great way to explore Soho and its history is on a walking tour. As you walk around Soho, you'll get a flavour of its checkered but wonderfully intriguing history. Previously famous for its brothels and strip clubs, Soho is known for its salubrious past and entertainment. Before catching an early walking tour its a good idea to grab breakfast around Paddington at the Park Grand Hotel Hyde Park.


Photographer's Gallery

With six-stories of photography from hundreds of top photographers from around the world, the Photographers' Gallery holds some real gems. Over the years the Photographer's Gallery has introduced international photographers such as Juergen Teller, Andreas Gursky and Taryn Simon to British audiences. They have also championed the work of UK-based photographers such as Martin Parr, Nick Knight and Corinne Day. An exceptional gallery, these photos will live long in the memory after your visit.


Book Shopping in Foyles

With a fantastic 200,000 books spread out across four miles of shelves, Foyles used to hold a Guinness World Record for being the biggest bookstore in the world and is a book lovers paradise. Foyles is a beautiful building with a full-height central atrium filled with natural light owing to the large windows. Complete with a cafe and an auditorium, Foyles is an ideal spot to browse a world of books, to enjoy a coffee, or to find a quiet corner in which to read.


Visit Carnaby Street

The home of the swinging 60's. With everyone from the Rolling Stones to Elizabeth Taylor, The Who and Jimi Hendrix frequenting the area, Carnaby Street was an epicentre of cool. A hub for mods and hippies alike, Carnaby Street was filled with fashionable clothes outlets and underground music bars, and today remains a great place to shop, eat and reminisce.


Vinyl Shopping

For any collectors of vinyl records, Soho is one of the very best places in the world to visit. Staying true to its musical heritage, Soho has many vinyl record stores to visit and to enjoy. With an eclectic mixture of musical genres, you can find all kinds of weird and wonderful records from jazz and blues, to electronica and dance music.


Soho Square

It's always nice to have a breather from the sheer volume of activity and choice available in London. Soho Square is a lovely place to chill out and relax in a wide-open area away from all of the hustle and bustle. Sit back with a coffee on one of the park benches and enjoy some people-watching, or take some time to read a book that you've bought from Foyles, the choice is yours.



Many solo-travellers frequent Soho and enjoy the world-renowned nightlife. A tourist attraction in its own right, Soho is an inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy. Just make sure that you check out whether or not you need to book in advance for entry to particular bars, clubs and restaurants. 


Looking for somewhere to stay locally that is as equally amazing as these attractions? The Park Grand Hotel Hyde Park is an excellent choice for solo-travellers visiting the area. It is just a four-minute walk from Paddington station.