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Experience the best in London for free

London’s reputation as being one of the priciest cities in the world does become a bit of turn off for those travellers on a tight budget. Whether is hotel costs, travel or dining and shopping, the city’s prices are much higher than anywhere else in the UK. In terms of prices, the city is among the costliest in Europe.



However, there always are ways and means by which travellers can enjoy the city at a lower cost or even do things for free. In terms of accommodation, the London City Suites Barbican have some very attractive offers and package deals at different times of the year. With first-rate facilities, superb customer service and amenities like the Barbican Centre parking, it is a good choice of accommodation when on a trip to the city.


To save costs on dining out at the restaurants London City, look to visit during the happy hours when the prices are as low as half the regular sum. London also has numerous arts and cultural venues that do charge any admission fees to explore. Special exhibitions may charge a fee, but these can be overlooked and visitors can move to tour the free sections. 


Among the top free attractions to tour in London, the British Museum must be right up there at the top of the list of venues. The museum is home to one of the most impressive collections of human civilisations, arts, culture etc, and has some of the most priceless artefacts and relics on display. These include rare exhibits like the Rosetta Stone, The Elgin Marbles, Egyptian Mummies and Easter Island statues among other items. The Natural History Museum is another brilliant museum that showcases fossils and other relics from the world of nature. The highlight, of course, is Hope the life-size blue whale exhibit that is found in the Great Hall. Among other engaging displays are its collection of dinosaur fossils that are particularly a favourite with kids that visit the museum. Since both of these museums offer the most engaging displays and are free to visit, they must be on the list of places for a budget traveller to tick off in London. 


If you feel you would like to know more about the natural world a tour of the Grant Museum of Zoology should be just the things to satiate your curiosity. Since it is relatively small in comparison to the Natural History Museum, it would be a great idea to club the two together on a single tour. Despite its humbler size it still packs quite a punch with some very engaging exhibits on display. The collection comprises of cabinets, jars and fossils and a tour of the place is like a visit to a science lab. Some of the more one-of-a-kind displays include a 12 millennia old mammoth tusk, a sea cow skeleton and an elephant bird’s egg.


Another fantastic free attraction is the Science Museum with a wide variety of displays and some very cool interactive galleries. A great spot to visit with the younger ones and give then an introduction to the amazing world of science. The exhibits on display cover different scientific eras of history and there even is an IMAX cinema to engage visitors.