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London’s top historical attractions

London has an abundance of historical attractions with history lovers sure to be captivated by the number of historical spots to visit. Most of them are associated with the history and politics of Great Britain through the centuries. Some of the top sites of historical significance include Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, House of Parliament and Buckingham Palace among many others. 


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Some of the major historic sites to visit in the city are:


Buckingham Palace:


A firm favourite with followers of the royal family is the official residence of Buckingham Palace. It opens for public visitors in the summer for two months, so if you in London at that time drop in and tour the place. It is the most famous royal residence in the country and hots various state functions including banquets for visiting Heads of State and other important dignitaries. The State Rooms are housed with the best antiques, priceless artworks and other invaluable items. Even if you visit at any other time of the year make it a point to see the ceremonial Changing of the Queen’s Guard ceremony held at the forecourt of the palace almost daily at 11 am.


Houses of Parliament:


These are home to the British government and comprise the House of Common and the House of Lords that are formerly referred to collectively as the Palace of Westminster. Another famous attraction nearby is the Elizabeth Tower incorrectly referred to as Big Ben. The latter is actually the name of the bell that rings on the hour. While there are tours of the House of Parliament, the bookings have to be done well before you plan a visit.


Tower of London:

It draws the largest numbers of visitors, is one of the oldest buildings in the city and is more than a thousand years old. Over the centuries the tower has played various roles as an execution site, a prison, a royal palace, home to the royal mint etc. the best way to learn about the tower and its long history is to join any of the guided tours of the tower. These are conducted by the Beefeaters (the yeoman warders of the tower). At present, it houses the priceless collection of royal jewels known as the ‘Crown Jewels’.


Westminster Abbey:


Another jewel in the crown is Westminster Abbey that is among the top historical attractions in London. The abbey has been the coronation venue for almost all of the monarchs of England save for three. It also is the location for the tombs of some of the most important figures of English society ranging from scientists to members of the royal family. The abbey has played host to a number of royal weddings with the last ceremony being held in 2011, where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge got married.