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Losing The Keys Is Not As Bad As Losing The Car

No doubt some smart research has looked into how many hours in a person's lifetime, is spent looking for lost items.


We all do it every day. It may just be looking for the car keys, wallet, or a tin opener. And one example of mislaid goods can be embarrassing when it involves something as large as our car.


A few years ago I parked my car on the second floor of a multi-story airport car park. Two weeks later, on return from the holiday, I went to the same floor and looked at the spot it had been parked, to find another vehicle there.


In a panic, I found an airport security guard and reported my loss. He told me to try the other identical car park next door. I was highly sceptical, but went to look anyway.


Sure enough, it was there, and not for the first time, I promised to fit some sort of tracking device to save any future embarrassment.


Car theft, of certain new models, is a major crime that in recent years hasn't overly bothered insurance companies. Premiums for the rest of us, just goes up a few more pounds the following year.


Whilst visiting a car audio shop for some new car speakers UK there was a large part of the store displaying car van tracking equipment.


Whilst these devices are clearly helpful in knowing where your car is, and where it's travelling to when driven by someone else, to a canny car thief, there are other devices that scan the car and help him find and remove it.


Many car manufacturers are now building vehicles with GPS devices securely fitted in areas that are too well embedded, for a casual car thief to locate and remove.


These are mainly in luxury cars and commercial vehicles. In the latter, this has become an integral part of logistics management. Commercial fleet managers can now view live, on-screen, the location of all their vehicles, along with additional information, such as speed.


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