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Beautiful spots to explore in London in spring

Those planning a visit to London in spring will find the city at its most scenic and colourful. Along with the parks and gardens in full bloom, there are numerous events that take place at this part of the year. Spring and summer are the busiest part of the year with tourists arriving in droves to explore the city and its beautiful outdoor locations.



Travellers looking for a suitable location to stay will find Hyde Park accommodations well suited to their needs. Staying at a Hyde Park London hotel offers convenient access to the best of shopping, entertainment and major tourist spots.


Some of the best locations to explore near the Park Grand London Hyde Park hotel include:


Neil’s Yard

A picturesque spot near Covent Garden, it is home to a number of quaint cafes and bars. With eateries like Bill’s serving great food and equally stylish interiors, the yard adds to the beauty of the place. One of the most colourful locations in Covent Garden, the area is home to ample greenery and flowers that make it a beautiful spot for photography. Neil’s Yard is a perfect location for photography for all social media enthusiasts. 


St Paul’s Cathedral:

With its already magnificent interior décor, St Paul’s Cathedral is even more spectacular when the rays of sunlight filter through the windows enhancing the beauty of the cathedral. On a bright sunny day, the beauty of the dome and the beautiful architecture combined with its brilliant white colour makes it a very majestic sight to behold. 


Isabella Plantation:

Located in Richmond Park, Isabella Plantation is one of the most picturesque locations for a photo shoot. The plantation is home to an assortment for colourful flowers that are in full bloom in the spring season. Among the most beautiful locations to visit in Richmond Park.


Hyde Park:

In close proximity of the Park Grand hotel is the very famous and beautiful Hyde Park. Home to various memorials, installations and other landmarks the park also houses the tranquil and serene Serpentine Lake. Art lovers will enjoy spending time at the Serpentine Gallery that showcases among the displays of contemporary art in the city. A visit to London must include a tour of the most famous park in the British Capital.


Portobello Road:

The weekends are when Portobello Road in Notting Hill comes alive with shoppers thronging to the area. There is an array of stalls selling a wide variety of vibrantly colourful flowers. Equally charming are the terraced houses in a variety of pastel colours that add to the beauty of the place.   


Columbia Road Flower Market:

Those visiting London in spring will enjoy a tour of Columbia Road Flower Market. Located in East London, the market hosts a Sunday flower market in the mornings on the weekend. It is a great spot to browse even if you do not want to buy anything and also among the most scenic locations in this part of London.